About Us

We are Mis-Fitness.com, the new symbol of fashion and lifestyle freedom.

We believe passionately in giving the best products to our customer and provide excellent customer service, which is why we commit ourselves to giving you the best of both.

If you are the modern girl person who does not want to fit in a box, this is your brand.

We do not believe that a person should be only eating smoothies and quinoa, never sleep late or never enjoy a tipsy weekend.

We also do not believe that a person should let themselves go and be 'slaves' of eating only junk, abusing alcohol or smoking.

We believe that you can be a happy person rebelling from the standard categories! We believe that you can very well enjoy your margaritas and beers during your nights out, dance the night away, laugh with your friends til you lose your voice and show your love for pizza while at the same time balance your diet during the week, enjoy a run and a stint to the gym.

You must be yourself and to do that, you must do what you want.

MisFitness.com - I do what I want.